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About Me

About Me

Welcome to my website. A little bit about me…

I am the principal and owner of Shannon Ellis – Occupational Therapy and Universal Design Solutions. I graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 1995 with a degree in Occupational Therapy (B.Sc.OT) and am registered to practice OT in both Canada and the UK.

I have spent more than 25 years working in tertiary rehabilitation centres in Vancouver, Victoria and England and my primary area of practice and interest is in neurology. I have spent most of my career working with clients who are recovering from a neurological event such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury. I have a great love for and a keen interest in cognitive rehabilitation, sensory integration and mindfulness and I have seen first hand how integrating these components can enhance clients’ function in daily activities.    

I love creating beautiful, accessible and sensory informed spaces for my clients. Design is a passion that I was able to marry to my OT work soon after completing a management certificate in Interior Design through the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 2005 and a Certificate in Universal Design from the University of Buffalo (UB) in 2013. Everyone no matter their ability should have access to safe and beautiful spaces.

After working for many years with clients who suffer from sensory overload and dealing with my own sensory health issues, I began to notice that when clients were able to learn to regulate their sensory system more effectively they were more likely to move out of overload faster and improve their day to day function. Mindful Sensations for Sensory Overload is a coaching program I created with my colleague Emily Becker to support the development of routines, identification of sensory likes and dislikes, development of a consistent mindfulness and self compassion practice . I became really curious about the role of the senses in function and as a life long learner, I became certified as an Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) Practitioner in 2021. I am currently studying to become an advanced practitioner and will continue work towards a Masters in Sensory Integration through Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. This will round out my design, OT and sensory wellness coaching practices. 

I would love to connect and answer any questions about my practice and how we can work together.